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Newest Testamonials 2016 | Teach Me Mike
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Success Stories


” ​Dr. Ira was an emergency room doctor in one of South Florida’s premier hospitals. As he prepared for retirement he realized that he had cash, but not many solid investments. That’s why he decided to learn Mike’s Real Estate Investing System. Within the last six months he has purchased five single family homes and one duplex that provide him with a monthly cash flow of well over over $3,000. He says his return on investment is amazing and enjoys fixing up his properties and being a landlord!”


“I lost a lot of money in real estate because I didn’t know what I was doing. Now I do what Mike does and I just bought a nice residential lot that sold for $122,000 in 2006 for $7,300! Mike also taught me now to put real estate in my grandkids names to pay for their college educations. This makes me feel really good knowing that my kids won’t have to worry about thier children having money for college. Mike is a wonderful family man!”

“I acquired my 1st home here in the United states, free and clear, for under $25,000. That’s amazing, That’s unheard of where I come from in Egypt. From Mike’s system I can look at a house, and in maybe 2-3 minutes I can assess its’ value or potential problems; the positive and the negative aspect of the property. I can analyze it really quickly in my head and know if it’s a good deal or not.”
“I’ve been using Mike’s system for over 9 years and I’ve done 20 deals. I have another business that I do, but this has
given me financial freedom. I ‘ve been able to work for myself. I’ve achieved great results. Mike’s system helped me eliminated a lot of trial and error. I’ve been able avoid a lot of mistakes; it’s proven. If you follow the system, it’s a no lose situation.”
“I knew I wanted to get involved in real estate, but I didn’t know how to do it. I just got four properties.
A Duplex for $15,000; one home for $12,000, and another for $14,000; and I got a big home on a nice lot for $32,000, with very little repairs needed. I would not have got those properties or understood the process without Mike’s system. It tied everything together for me.”
“I’ve been a real estate investor for the past 10 years and I was skeptical about all the things Mike said he
could teach me. Immediately after learning his system, I had the winning bids on two lots at auction that previously sold for $240,000 during the 2006 peak. I got both lots for less than $20,000 combined. That’s
immediate equity! I thought I was good, but I’ve never seen anything like this. Mike’s system really works!”
“I’ve Been A Real Estate Broker For 15 Years & Never Knew This Was Possible!” I specialize in the REO industry selling foreclosures for places like HUD, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and all the banks. Mike has opened me up to things I never knew existed. What I learned from Mike is how to purchase properties online all across the country.  What’s different from Mike’s program and all the others is that it really works. This is going to help me build generational wealth for my family.
“I’ve earned over $60,000 in profit on just 2 of my flips and now get $2,300 a month in rent!” After training with Mike, I have already been able to buy 7 properties just got 2 more in the last 2 months. “Thanks to Mike’s system I have money show up in my mail box every month. These are rent checks from my rental properties.  As well as large chunks of money on my flips
“Learned How To Find, Fix, And Flip Real Estate For Pennies On The Dollar!” Mike shows you what’s working now, not yesterday, not in 1980, not in 1990, not even 2000. His system is so simple that even a child could understand it. I’ve spent tons of money in the past on different real estate courses and even boot camps. None of them can touch this with a ten foot stick. I not only learned how to find, fix and flip real estate for pennies on the dollar, but I also learned how to use real estate to fund my children’s education tax free.
I was able to do some investing, mostly in the stock market and little bit of FOREX, but for the effort, it just
wasn’t worth it. After Mike’s system, I purchased six properties, just lots, vacant lots, residential, in good areas, next to great houses. I bought a lot for $1800; I sold it for $2800. I made 40% profit and that was in just a month. I sold another for $2,500 that I got for $1,600.  If you want a quick flip, you can almost always sell it for a quick dollar using Mike’s techniques. You may get more if you wait several months but in my process right now, I’m just trying to build up the cash and doing the quick flips are fantastic.”
Anybody With A High School Diploma Can Do This! “My first deal I bought a home in Cape Coral, FL, flipped it and made a $15,000 profit. I have a college degree but I think anybody with a high school diploma can do this. It’s
just a matter of having the desire because you don’t need a lot of money to get started. Mike shows you how to do all the research to find the sites where there’s more detailed and better information about each individual property — a house or land.”
“We got two huge lots for $500 each because no one else bid on them! We flipped those properties for $5,000 together” I bought my first house in Florida – I purchased it from a computer in my office in Los Angeles, California. I got up in the morning. I looked at all the properties that were available. I put in my bid. I won it. I bought it for $33,000 and I ended up selling it for $83,000. I made $50,000 – more than I usually make in a year on just one deal. Now we own 9-properties!
“Mike Gave Me The Right Tools To Follow In His Footsteps Without A Lot Of Money!” “I just bought my
first property in Ft. Myers for $34,219 and sold it for $60,000 making just over $25,000 in gross profit!
When you buy property using Mike’s system, you buy it so far below market value that you can, if you want, turn around and immediately sell it without doing any repairs or remodeling and still make a nice profit.”
“Look At ME! A Guy From Switzerland Buying Homes In America, USA!” “I saw how Mike made millions of dollars and I wondered if this information, his system, was really transferrable, and could I, a guy from a foreign land like Switzerland, really do this. And Mike proved it to me. My first auction deal I bought a nice home for $53,000 that previously sold for $240,000 in 2007. Now I’ve got over $66,000 in equity in this home. Thank you Mike!”
“Mike Is Excellent At Minimizing Your Risk Exposure!” “Mike’s system will not only make you a lot of money, it will also save you from losing a lot of money. He is excellent at minimizing your risk exposure. The value of his experience is amazing. His teaching videos are excellent and very professional. With Mike’s system I have complete confidence in buying real estate at live auctions, and even at online Internet
auctions. This knowledge is powerful!”
“Mike gives You The Tools To Have Money, Security, & Freedom!” Mike teaches people how to be free in terms of a simple system that gives you the tools to do what you want. If you want to have money, security, and freedom from the worry and the burden of debt, Mike is your guy. He’s a wonderful professional who offers the reality of success, not just the fluff. Mike is trustworthy. He’s smart. He’s kind, and he’s a wonderful communicator and teacher.
“I Just Closed My 6th Deal Using Mike’s System!” Thanks to Mike’s system I just closed my 6th deal!
Mike also showed me how to set up an education funding account that will allow me to buy real estate
in the names of my grandchildren to fund their future college education needs. This is something I’ve
always wanted to do, but never knew how to do it and never imagined it could be done with real estate.
Mike actually holds you by the hand and shows you how to do everything from A to Z without any guesswork. I was able to purchase 2 great properties within 1 week of going through Mike’s course.  My first home that I bought was built in 2003, and my second purchase was a home built in 2006. I got both homes for a total of $60,000.  Mike gave me the strategy I needed and showed me how to do it with hardly any money.”
*****Gross Profit does not include maintenance or renovation costs. Properties held for more than 6 months were rental income properties before being sold. The cost of homes and land sold at live and online auctions vary. Profit is best achieved through buying far below market value and then selling at or below market value.

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