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  • How to find property managers that won’t rip you off.

  • How to sell your properties quickly at a nice profit to a worldwide audience of buyers or how to just hire a Realtor to do it for you.

I’m talking about buying homes with no mortgage, no escrow; no appraisal and usually even without a realtor.

I teach you over 40 different strategies and techniques to enable you to get started in Real Estate efficiently.  I have done hundreds of Real Estate transactions buys/sells using my own cash.  Just like many of you, I started off very small and worked my way up to hundreds of transactions How Is

In fact, just recently I personally bought a residential lot for $100 simply because of what I teach.

How To Be A Property Detective!

My system teaches you how to be a “Property Detective.” This skill allows you to do quick research and within a matter of minutes you’ll know if the property you’re interested in is a hot deal or something you don’t want to go near.

Most people don’t know about these properties because the vast majority is not listed on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

Not A “Get Rich Quick Scheme!”

This is not a ‘Get Rich Quick” system of real estate investing. It is, however, a carefully thought-out plan that guides you step-by-step how to find some great deals out there.

Buy and sell immediately for a profit (quick flip).

Remodel and sell for even higher profits.

Hold and rent for monthly income.

I Will Shave Years Off Your Learning Curve

It has taken me over 12 years to perfect this process and I am now in a position to transfer this knowledge to people from all over the world.   If you click the tab above that says testamonials, you can hear from students who have had tremendous success using my process

Everything I Need To Know About a Property Is Online!

If you know where to look, you can quickly:

  • Look at the street the property is on.

  • See what houses and land were sold on that street.

  • See what sold previously.

  • See the square footage.

  • See the size of the lot.

  • Determine the property value.

  • See what the back taxes if any exist.

  • See if the title is free and clear of liens.

The secret is to buy your property below its current market value.

What If You Don’t Have A Lot Of Money?

  • We all have different goals.

  • Maybe you want to buy WAY UNDER MARKET VALUE and hold it for the long term

  • Or you want to flip it quickly for profit without ever remodeling it

  • Be a landlord.  Rental income is a great way to generate a monthly continuity income and get far superior rates of return than almost anything else.

  • Or you want to supplement your income

  • You may want to provide for your retirement and build your wealth tax free

  • If you have kids you may want to use one of my favorite techniques and buy Real Estate for you children or grandchildred using a CESA account.

No special skills software or equipment are required (except your personal computer and an Internet connection).

You can start with a few thousand dollars,  and incrementally build your bank roll for a secure financial future.